Platin OutSourcing
Platin OutSourcing

World Class Accounting Services

Platin Outsourcing offers you world class processes and technologies for your accounting function

Platin OutSourcing
Platin OutSourcing

World Class Payroll Services

Payroll has never been so easy and secure

Platin OutSourcing

Cost Effective Solutions

We decrease your costs through best practices and technologies that we constantly follow

Platin OutSourcing
Platin OutSourcing

Payroll Confidentiality

Platin Outsourcing offers extra confidentiality through its processes and outsourcing model

What Did They Say For Us...

Trendyol HR System Development Manager Alper HASBOYAC

Platin, is not a service firm running our monthly payroll processing but they are an expert consulting company helping us, supporting us and guiding us in any legislative and legal matters in Turkish labor law, all employment process, employee ins and outs, as well as they’re our partner in all financial reporting matters which minimizing our work load. We are thankful to Platin team for their support and sincere understanding

What Did They Say For Us...

John Crane Genaral Manager Emre KAPUCUOĞLU

We’ve been working with Platin since many years. Since the beginning, our collaboration and the scope always of our partnership has been increased. As being a multinational company quoted outside of Turkey, we are always in need of detailed monthly reporting and Platin meets all our requirements correct and on time and this plays and additive role in our permanent relationship with Platin. Taking into consideration the success of the past, we believe our business with Platin continue in the same way.

What Did They Say For Us...

Hilton Payroll Service Chief Murat DEMİRTAŞ

We’ve been working with Platin Outsourcing since 2012. Besides their professional team, they ‘ve made our working life easier with their quality services and in place solutions. As very well known, the most important aspect of HR and Payroll processing is their race with the time. With their Web Attendance Solutions, they’ve solved out our most critical issue of staff attendance follow up which has been a very time consuming activity for us. Thank you Platin

What Did They Say For Us...

Alametifarika Finans DirectorÖzge DERMAN

Since the very first day Alametifarika has been established, Platin has always been with us, being our main supporting partner, in our good days or bad days. With their hands on experienced expert team and their continuous and on time quality services, they are our main and greatest supporter in our Finance and Accounting function’s efficient and correct work. Wishing to walk and grow together for many years with our beloved business partner, Platin Outsourcing. Aktif

What Did They Say For Us...

Caffe Nero HR Manager Binnaz ÜLKE

As Caffe Nero, we’re receiving payroll services from Platin Outsourcing. We are very pleased to work with Platin Outsourcing since they’re not only providing a high quality and complete work but make it fast and on time while also providing company specific solution for us.

What Did They Say For Us...

Hyatt Regency HR Team Leader Gizem ÇİÇEK

As Istanbul Atakoy family, being the Team Leader of Hyatt Regency Human Resources, we are sincerely thankful to you for your sincere understanding, solution oriented approach together with your professional cooperation since the very first day. Wishing to continue working with you for many years in this way.

What Did They Say For Us...


We’ve been working with Platin Outsourcing since 2003 with respect to their quality in work, solutions provided on time and when needed with their expert and devoted personnel. Their quick and complete work in payroll processing and attendance follow-up is helping us a lot in completing our routine work very fast and on time. Their Web solutions (WEB Attendance) in payroll processing supports us well and protect us from losing time.

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