Business Process Outsourcing Services

In our highly competitive business environment, which is changing very rapidly, each organization is trying to maximize their long-term returns.



·       The regulation bar is getting higher and more complicated every day,

·       Technology is accelerating at a pace that makes it difficult to update, maintain and integrate effectively,

·       Investment pressures to expand is increasing, with increasing costs,

·       The talents, qualified HR to manage complex business areas are scarce, and expensive to recruit and retain.


In order to increase their competitiveness and adapt in their business, more and more organizations start to outsource some or all tasks in their finance and accounting to professional firms that provides outsourcing services.


On the other hand, Business Process Outsourcing is not just about outsourcing of transaction processing activities.

Rather, it focuses on delivering information to our clients, at multiple levels of value, that enable improved decision making.





Platin F&A Process Outsourcing team helps their clients to achieve their financial and operational targets by offering a wide range of finance and accounting support solutions to growing and evolving businesses of all scales regardless of their industries.


In Platin, we always seek excellence by;

·        Recruiting, training and retaining our talented staff,

·        Maintaining and enhancing competence,

·        Well  managing  turnover of our personnel,

·        Accessing specialized skills (i.e. all BPO staff has hands-on experience in SAP, Oracle),

·        Identifying and implementing “Owned Best Practices blended with our Market Experience”,

·        Fast responding to the changing environment,

·        Optimizing our  people,  processes  and  technology.



Qualified, Focused, and Passionate Team: “Together we’re strong; do not scare of volumes and deadlines anymore!”

Technology Driven, Highest Service Quality: “Zero-error policy!”

Compliance & Confidentiality: “Trust!”

Shared Experiences: “We share, we add value!”

Overall Cost Advantage with Attractive Pricing: “We do all; we make calls, we enter data, we process, we review, we report for you!”


Personnel Expense Management Services: Processing company personnel expense forms by reviewing and verifying the company expense procedures and budgets are all well applied and met as well as verifying the expense vouchers and receipts are all correctly entered and in line with Turkish Tax Procedures and Regulations. Preparing reports and documents for expense payments, periodic follow-up, analysis of personnel outstanding/open cash advances etc., managing the document flow, scanning, storing, keeping the documents in archives at outsource.

Assistance in Data Entry and Data Processing: Assistance in Finance and Accounting support operations such as issuing sales invoices, entering procurement invoices with/without PO clearance, entering bank transactions, bank transaction uploads and system clearance, etc., performing any other Client defined ad hoc data processing requests.

Assistance in Back-end Filling Finance Functions: Back-fill any internal finance and accounting functional supporting positions during a transformation or system implementation project so that assigned Client personnel can focus solely on the success of the project without the responsibility of concurrently balancing their “daily routine job”.

Accounts Payable (A/P) Management Services: Reviewing and processing of all supplier/vendor invoices, credit and debit notes, validating all documents financially and tax wise, monitoring bank accounts, returns, provide comprehensive invoice handling, recording these in the system, and reconciling supplier/vendor accounts and preparing A/P aging reports, preparing payment lists in the system and preparation of related bank orders (online via bank internet pages or in document) in line with the approved payment lists.

Accounts Receivable (A/R) Management Services: Processing of all bills, credit, and debit notes based on the organization’s management instructions, recording these in the system, validating all documents financially and tax wise, monitoring bank accounts, returns, facilitating prompt invoice generation, and reconciling customer accounts and preparing A/R aging/collection reports, sharing of weekly or monthly statements on client-specified dates.  

Collections Follow Up & Treasury Support Services: Keeping the balance between maintaining perfect customer relationships and dealing with invoice collection, monitoring a debt, regularly communicating with the customer, and collecting final payments with minimal impact to the customer relationship.

Boutique GL Processing Services: Production of legal books as well as periodic preparation and submission of tax declarations in accordance with Turkish Tax Procedures and Regulations which are derived from the accounting records maintained by the “Shared Service Center” in compliance with our clients’ accounting policies and other accounting standards. We receive data extracts, reverse any non-compliant transactions which are not in line with Turkish GAAP, review and perform validation checks of all physical documents against the transactions/records electronically received, finally complete necessary adjustments re-correcting incorrect amounts, missing tax calculations etc.

Temporary Staff Assistance: Temporary staff assistance for finance and accounting related tasks or assistance in the preparation of financial data for audits, reviews, and compilations.